The Best Virtual Data Room Software, Providers, and M&A Tools

VDRs are a long-term investment, and it’s important to make sure your business is making the right investments. Because there are so many virtual data providers in the market, it can be difficult for management to choose the right option.

For example, management should ensure that the data room software they choose has all the required features and easily fits into their budget. If a business only needs a data warehouse, they don’t have to pay for additional features.

Similarly, if a company needs a VDR for due diligence, they will look for specialized vendors and specialties. There are so many things to consider, right? So where to start ?

VDR Providers

In today’s business environment VDRs (VDR) have revolutionized the transaction process. What is a VDR? The is cloud storage that is protected against access by unauthorized persons, as many functions have been implemented for data protection and access control. All or some of the documents can be viewed in real time by authorized participants. You don’t need an email service or other file sharing programs to share important data with colleagues and partners. A virtual data room uses encryption protocols for the security of the information itself and its exchange processes.


Today, a data room has become a secure online meeting place for all parties involved in the transaction. Outside of mergers and acquisitions, data room software is widely used for transactions such as loan consolidation, privacy, and venture capital. Generally, VDRs are widely used in many industries.

The best VDRs offer military-grade security, multilingual support, full-text search, internal document linking, and a wide selection of other advanced features.

Our best selection of data rooms:

  • iDeals Virtual Data Room;

  • Intralinks Data Room;

  • Datasite;

  • Brainloop;

  • SmartRoom VDR;

  • Blackberry Workspaces;

  • Box Data Room.

What Functions Does a VDR Offer?

In general, the main objective of any virtual data room program is to securely store, manage and exchange most valuable data during the negotiation of the agreement. Also, virtual m&a data room providers help the sale to be better prepared for the negotiation and to have a good strategic planning. While the seller can examine all the documents in detail and foresee all the dangers and risks. This is why the main features to look for in every data room should include the following functions:

  • secure data management;

  • digital rights management;

  • document filtering tools;

  • advanced search in the entire data room;

  • activity tracking and audit trail;

  • compatibility;

  • compatible with multi-format documents;

  • bulk upload;

  • drag and drop files;

  • technical support.

  • ability to have many projects in one account.

In addition to this, the best data rooms offer a number of advanced security options, in particular, multiple stages of login authentication, disabling the Print Screen button, questions and answers (Q&A ), time-limited and IP-based access, integration with Microsoft Office, and dynamic watermarks. Additionally, some data room providers offer personalized training if you need it.

Data Rooms for M&A

M&A (merger and acquisition) is a process in which VDRs are essential for the security and convenience of both parties taking the procedure. All parties must have access to information to conduct transactions. Prior to the development of the data room, documents were presented in a physical space. With the benefits of an M&A data room, it’s easy to see why many companies have moved away from the outdated method of storing documentation.

Regarding the financial aspect. Just 10 years ago, vendors covered the costs of renting premises and preparing documentation. The buyer was spending money for a business trip and time for data analysis. By using a data room, you only pay low platform fees compared to working in a traditional data room. In conclusion, VDRs are simply necessary for M&A and for due diligence. Be sure to compare and work with a trusted data room provider.

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