Published: Wed, April 17, 2019
Sports | By Juana Wells

What Russell Wilson's historic extension means for Rams, Jared Goff

What Russell Wilson's historic extension means for Rams, Jared Goff

The quarterback and the Seattle Seahawks had worked out a contract extension, and it's one for the history books, as he's now the highest paid player in the NFL.

Russell, who is now "contractually tied" to the Seahawks through the 2023 season, surpasses Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers "richest" contract, which included a new-money $35.5 million annual average per season and a $57.5 million signing bonus. No other quarterback tops $30 million per year, which is probably the baseline for any deal Goff signs.

Tweeting a video from bed, Wilson said on the attached video, "Hey, Seattle, we got a deal", before noting that he would talk more about it after he woke up. "Go Hawks. I'm gonna see you all in the morning. Time for y'all to go to bed".

Given the fact that he plays in the NFC West, and that the Rams have their own quarterback to pay in a year or two, Wilson's deal has an impact on Los Angeles and Jared Goff.

Carroll said Jody Allen, the chair of the Seahawks following the death of her brother, Paul Allen, last fall, was instrumental in getting the deal finished.

With one 15-second video clip posted on social media shortly after midnight and five simple words, Russell Wilson put to rest any questions about his long-term future.

If the sentiment was indeed the genuine desire if Wilson and his wife, it took pressure off the negotiations to create a new National Football League paradigm.

He's now the highest paid player in the NFL.

"Russell's goal and his hope was that he would continue his career with the Seahawks and continue to bring championships to this town", Wilson's agent Mark Rodgers said.

ESPN and the Seattle PI reported the terms of the deal. Miami also has the third-most cap space in the league and would have no problem extending Wilson for as long as he wanted to stay in Miami. But as Prescott moves towards the $28 million per season range, one wonders if the Cowboys with their talented youthful roster can find a way to advance deeper in the playoffs than they have for so many years. He is a six-time Pro Bowler who has passed for 25,624 yards over seven seasons. Your dedication, consistency & commitment to the game never wavers. So, I'm really proud of him and excited for him no matter what.

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