Published: Tue, April 16, 2019
Sports | By Juana Wells

Will Russell Wilson get his contract extension?

Will Russell Wilson get his contract extension?

So in terms of age, it makes some sense to acquire Wilson.

Things aren't great in Seattle, where Russell Wilson isn't happy with his contract. But if/when April 15 without a long-term deal between the Seahawks and Wilson, the question of whether would take less from a different team becomes highly relevant to whether the Seahawks could find a trade partner, if that's the route the team chooses to take instead of paying him unprecedented franchise-tag money on a year-to-year basis. Meeting his demands might get Wilson and his agent back to the table after the deadline.

Certainly, Seattle would use the franchise tag to secure Wilson's rights, keeping him from hitting free agency.

Von Miller is now the highest-paid player on the team. I don't see the team trying to re-work Miller's contract. Denver is still reportedly high on Missouri quarterback Drew Lock.

A trade involving Wilson might lose the Seahawks a lot of fans, especially with how hard it is to land an elite quarterback in the NFL.

One of the biggest questions, when it comes to a trade like this, is, what would the Broncos have to give up in order to acquire Wilson?

For instance, when Wilson signed his most recent deal he was the second-highest paid player in the National Football League at $21.9 million per year behind only Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers.

There are a lot of players in the National Football League that would hold out for more money if they didn't come to terms on a contract extension.

The Seahawks could make a trade like that and net several future first-round draft picks.

Wilson could be the starter for just about any of the other National Football League teams.

The New York Giants are a team that has been linked to a possible Russell Wilson trade.

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