Published: Tue, April 16, 2019
Arts&Culture | By Matthew Castillo

Amazon May Launch Ad-Supported Free Music Streaming Service

Amazon May Launch Ad-Supported Free Music Streaming Service

Ad-supported free music streaming services remain popular with a number of consumers.

According to a set of new reports, Amazon will soon be launching a free variant of its music service in hope to steal some clients from Spotify.

Spotify's free, ad-supported music streaming subscription tier might have some serious competition on the horizon.

The streaming music landscape is about to get a little more fractured, with yet another deep-pocketed tech giant set to enter the field.

Amazon Prime Music offers access to around 2 million tracks, and there's also an Amazon Music Unlimited service, a more direct Spotify competitor - it has tens of millions of songs in its catalog and costs an additional monthly fee. Amazon has said "tens of millions" of paid customers listen to Prime Music and its standalone Amazon Music Unlimited service. The other big players, like Apple and Google, offer limited time free trials which then turn into full premium accounts at around £10 per month. The service will largely be marketed through the Echo line of speakers, and will give buyers of the Echo series a value-addition and the ability to stream music on the speaker without having to first sign-up and pay for a service.

The service could become available as early as next week, Billboard reported.

Does the world need yet another streaming music service?

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