Published: Mon, April 15, 2019
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Julian Assange Used Embassy As Centre For Spying: Ecuador President

Julian Assange Used Embassy As Centre For Spying: Ecuador President

"The politics of the case with respect with Ecuador's change of government with Lenin Moreno coming to power and ever since then inside the embassy it's become more and more hard to the point where Human Rights Watch said was akin to solitary confinement", she said.

London police dragged Assange out of the embassy on Thursday after his seven-year asylum was revoked, paving the way for his extradition to the United States for one of the biggest ever leaks of classified information.

Footage of Assange messing around on a skateboard has travelled around the world quicker than a historic WikiLeaks document dump (back when the media was interested in cashing in off the back of Assange's work).

The Australian's anti-social behaviour - which according to Ecuador's Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo included putting "faeces on the walls of the embassy and other behaviours of that nature" - would ultimately seen him fall foul of President Lenin Moreno, who took office in 2017.

Supporters of Assange protest outside the British Embassy in Washington, DC.

In an episode airing Sunday night, Oliver focused on CNN zeroing in on Assange's appearance, with reporters calling out the WikiLeaks founder's beard and apparent aging.

A photo of Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno lounging in bed with a giant platter of lobster in front of him may have spurred Julian Assange's eviction from the country's London embassy. Assange's guests finally left after the ambassador reportedly arrived in the early hours of the morning.

"Ecuador has made these allegations to justify the unlawful and extraordinary act of letting police come inside an embassy", Robinson told the UK's Sky News.

Jennifer Robinson (centre) says Ecuador has made "outrageous allegations" against Julian Assange. This man has been inside a room with no outside access. "The politics changed when Ecuador's political situation changed with a new leader".

There's little concern either from Assange's fellow journalists that Ecuador was seemingly spying on him while inside the embassy.

"It's really important that we demonstrate our solidarity with Julian Assange..."

"This activity violates asylum conditions".

Should Stockholm make a request to extradite Assange, the UK government will have to consider whether this should be done before or after that of the United States, where the 47-year-old is fighting a USA extradition warrant relating to the release by WikiLeaks of a huge cache of official documents.

Assange is being held in custody at Belmarsh Prison in southeast London, awaiting sentencing in Britain for skipping bail to avoid being sent to Sweden as part of an investigation of a rape allegation.

The Wikileaks founder is now expected to fight extradition to the USA over an allegation that he conspired with former army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to break into a classified government computer.

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