Published: Mon, April 15, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

All Digital 1TB Xbox One S leaks, out next month

All Digital 1TB Xbox One S leaks, out next month

Rumor mill: Microsoft's long rumored disc-less Xbox One S has shown up in a leak from and offers a glimpse at what the console could look like. There isn't any major change in the new Xbox except for the absence of the disc drive.

As expected, the design of the Xbox One S All Digital is virtually identical to that of the standard Xbox One S. At a glance, the only noticeable difference is the smooth face plate, which has no optical disc drive. This would be the cost for the base model of Xbox One S All-Digital Edition bundled with one controller and three pre-installed games - Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3. Additionally, the new console will also support HDR gaming in 4K according to the leaked packaging.

According to the source, Microsoft will launch the Xbox One S All Digital tomorrow, at a special event.

Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. That all matches up with leaked information previously shared by Windows Central, which has also published mock up images similar to the newly leaked ones. Microsoft is also said to allow users to choose the games for their console. The system will launch on May 7, for €229.99, which will presumably translate to $250. I've had a quick look around at current Xbox One S console pricing in the United Kingdom and notice that the 1TB console with one controller costs £179, and multiple game bundles are available around the £200 mark.

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