Published: Пн, Апреля 08, 2019
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'Fortnite' Is Getting Reboot Vans, Which Are Basically 'Apex Legends' Revive Stations

'Fortnite' Is Getting Reboot Vans, Which Are Basically 'Apex Legends' Revive Stations

While Apex Legends is a free game, which means banned players can generally just create new accounts, it seems that whatever method Respawn used is sticking to keep cheaters out of the game for good. From footage in the developer video, it looks as though reboot cards even have a timer on them, similar to Apex.

Much like Apex Legends, the Fortnite Reboot Van will require players to pick up their squadmates" "Reboot Card.' Also like Apex Legends, once you have the Reboot Card, head to the Reboot Van and if you survive you can revive your dead teammates.

Once activated, a "beacon and audio cue will be set off", making nearby players aware that there's a reboot in progress, as well as how many players are arriving.

When Season 8 of "Fortnite" was released, several users noticed weird vans showing up in replay mode.

The van will be have an as-yet unspecified cooldown period.

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The new respawn system in "Fortnite" adds a new item to squad matches, called reboot cards.

If you've played Apex Legends, you might recognise this system.

Fortnite has announced the Reboot van in Battle Royale Dev Update #13. As given away by the name, the van will allow players to reboot/respawn eliminated teammates. Interestingly, the Reboot Van will need to cool down before you or any other squad can use it again, so you can't spam respawns if enemies are taking potshots at your newly reborn teammates. Respawning really does change the whole battle royale experience.

The addition of Reboot Vans is going to be included in v8.30.

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