Published: Чт, Марта 21, 2019
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Whale found with 40kg of plastic in stomach

Whale found with 40kg of plastic in stomach

Images posted on Facebook show the whale's corpse being towed to shore, then sheets of plastic being lifted out of its stomach.

In a similar case in the Philippines, a dead whale was found last Saturday with some 40 kilograms of plastic and other trash in its stomach, he said.

People could not contain their astonishment after a group of marine biologists did when opening the stomach of a whale that died stranded in the Philippines.

"If we keep going this way, it will be more uncommon to see an animal die of natural causes than it is to see an animal die of plastic", he said.

He already knew how the 15-foot-long whale had died.

The autopsy he conducted revealed more than 88 pounds of waste in the young whale's stomach - grocery bags, plastic garbage bags, four banana plantation sacks and 16 rice sacks. "I was not prepared for the amount of plastic", Blatchley added. "Sixteen rice sacks in total".

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"In less than a year, whales, dolphins and turtles have died in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, a clear proof how grave plastic pollution affects our environment, most specifically ocean creatures".

According to WWF, the Philippines is one of the world's leading plastic polluters - due to a particularly unfortunate combo of its improper waste disposal systems, and its widespread poverty - where locals can often only afford to buy single-use items packaged in plastic sachets.

Whales don't drink water from the ocean, Darrell explained, "It's from the food they eat that they get their fresh water".

"It's very disgusting and heartbreaking, we've done necropsies on 61 dolphins and whales in the last ten years, and this is one of the biggest [amounts of plastic] we've seen".

Abigail Aguilar, campaigner for Greenpeace Southeast Asia - Philippines, said today: "The frequency on which marine animals are dying due to plastic ingestion is alarming".

A Cuvier's beaked whale was the most recent victim of ocean pollution in Philippine waters.

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