Published: Sun, March 17, 2019
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

May warns MPs of long delay to Brexit

May warns MPs of long delay to Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May's hopes of getting a Brexit divorce deal through parliament were given a boost on Saturday after a report that the Northern Irish party propping up her government might move towards backing her deal. The full complement of presidents and prime ministers have not formally discussed this option together, and with populist Euroskeptics expected to make big gains in May's European Parliament elections, some leaders are anxious that Brexit could continue to "pollute" the EU agenda.

Speaker of the House John Bercow was criticised by a number of Conservative Brexiter MPs for not selecting any of the amendments which would categorically rule out a second referendum; although, as he pointed out, any MPs strongly opposed to a second referendum could vote against Amendment H without difficulty. Even if her deal is approved by parliament this week, she will need to ask the European Union for an extension of the leaving date until May or June. We know that a majority of MPs don't want the current Brexit deal negotiated by the prime minister, but that they also don't want to leave without a deal.

It has previously voted against the deal over concerns around the Northern Ireland backstop. Speaking to the BBC's Political Thinking podcast, Ms McVey said: "The element now is that people will have to take a bad deal rather than no deal".

Opposition and backbench MPs are still on the backfoot in this process and need the government to decide on the forthcoming parliamentary business, or next steps. "There could be no more potent symbol of parliament's collective political failure".

"You don't just have a short, technical extension to our membership of the European Union, you nearly certainly need a significantly longer one to find a time for parliament to come to a majority verdict", he told BBC radio.

Tellers reveal the result of the second meaningful vote.

More talks are expected to take place with the DUP in the coming days. The Brexit transition might cause chaos in the beginning as this would sever economic, legal, and political ties with the European Union due to the mutual dependence and close bond established by both parties. MPs have already agreed to that to enable all the necessary legislation to be passed.

"However that amendment did pass, albeit very narrowly, and the main motion then became the only opportunity to vote to prevent no deal at the end of this month which is completely consistent with government policy".

There is no path to victory for May without winning many more of the Brexiteers' votes.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said that Brexit should be completed before the EU elections in late May.

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