Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Steam Link Anywhere lets you stream games from, well, anywhere

Steam Link Anywhere lets you stream games from, well, anywhere

Today, Valve dropped a surprise update for the Steam Link app. A bigger one is that the service is now available exclusively on the dedicated Steam Link microconsole - a somewhat odd decision, given that the Steam Link was discontinued in November past year.

Valve announced that it has launched an early beta version of Steam Link Anywhere, which allows users to stream their games to any compatible device.

In theory, you will now be able to stream your entire Steam library provided a strong enough connection to both your phone and computer.

Steam Link Anywhere, by contrast, has no such restriction: With a name that again leaves little to the imagination, Steam Link Anywhere effectively replaces Steam In-Home Streaming and allows for games and other software to be streamed from any network to any other network - including, potentially, mobile devices on a cellular network.

Valve indicates that users should enjoy a satisfactory experience as long as "your computer has good upload speed and your Steam Link device has a good network connection".

The service is free to all who use Steam Link or the Steam Link app, and is now in beta. It will be an important year this time around as Valve tries to keep developers from handing exclusivity over to the Epic Games Store. It supports the Steam Controller over Bluetooth, as well as other Bluetooth controllers, mice, and keyboards.

Valve's announcement of Steam Link Anywhere was pretty short and sweet. It normally works by connecting a mobile device to a host computer via a local network. This should (in theory) lighten the cost load for midsize and small developers, making it possible for them to host multiplayer games without having to worry about some of the big network pains, like latency, on a far-less-than AAA budget.

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