Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
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Android Q Beta 1 officially announced

Android Q Beta 1 officially announced

If you don't own an iPhone, you'll be interested in the successor to Android 9 Pie, specifically Android Q: Google hasn't given the 2019 update to its mobile operating system a proper name yet, but the beta program is already up and running for selected devices.

If you wonder when your device will receive the official Android Q, no one on the planet can tell you that because the final version of Q doesn't exist, and until Google publishes the AOSP version of Q (sometime during the summer), no manufacturer can really start implementing the new version across their portfolio. So average Android users should wait until later this year for a more stable version.

Credit: GoogleFoldable phones are tipped to be the next big thing in smartphones, and Google's making sure that Android Q is ready for it. Functions for pausing and resuming apps have been updated to allow for the multiple different processes that could run simultaneously on a foldable phone, and apps can now be more easily resized for changing between screens.

Just hours after a disappointing leak surrounding the benchmark of the Google Pixel 3 XL Lite, a fresh insight towards the cheaper Pixel devices has come forth.

As The Verge reports, Google today released a preview of the next version of Android. More info about Q will be released in May at Google I/O annual developer conference.

You get more control over how apps can access your device's location - as on iOS, Android Q lets you grant access all the time, never, or only when the app is open.

So, here are some example ADB commands you can send to change up Android Q's gestures for the better.

As well as the above, it is hoped that there will be a system-wide dark mode implemented with an "override" option to force apps without dark mode to work with the night-friendly colour scheme.

A feature called Sharing Shortcuts will help make sharing in Android Q faster.

Credit: GoogleApps can now add support for a kind of settings pop-up that features only relevant options to the app you're in.

If you found this post useful and decide to share it on social media, please link back to us! There are also new restrictions on apps launching background tasks without user knowledge, and restrictions that limit access to location data only while the app is in the foreground. Given the current smartphone design direction of more screen and less bezel, it's unlikely Google has dropped the idea completely.

If you are on your Pixel smartphone, it is still possible to activate this mode, but of course it won't be optimal. Bugs in the beta can cause you to have to reset the device.

You can download the beta 1 images right here. Before then several beta versions of the software will appear.

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