Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
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YG Entertainment terminates contract with Seungri

YG Entertainment terminates contract with Seungri

In addition, K-pop star Jung Joon-young, 29, came to the police station to be questioned about an allegation that he secretly filmed himself having sex with women and then shared the videos with friends in private group chats.

Yong's agency, Around Us Entertainment, confirmed he would be leaving the boy band "to prevent the group's reputation from being damaged". "All these behaviors were extremely unethical, and I was stupid". "While receiving the witness interview, I saw exactly what conversations I had in the past, and I was embarrassed and could not help but feel horrified", he wrote, but claimed that his relationship with Jung was limited to "greeting each other once in awhile".

Both men apologized to "all Korean citizens" when they reported to police and promised to co-operate with the inquiries.

Possibly adding tax evasion to the list of charges, the chat room transcript also indicates tax evasion by a Gangnam-based pub Seungri, Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon jointly opened in May 2016, the whistleblower said.

Thereafter, Jung's agency MAKEUS entertainment shared a written statement whereby the K pop singer admitted himself and apologised for illicitly filming and sharing the intimate videos in certain online group chats.

On March 11, BIGBANG vocalist Seungri announced his retirement from the music industry following separate accusations that he solicited prostitutes for business partners in exchange for investments.

South Korean pop songs, TV dramas and films are hugely popular in Asia and beyond but male stars have faced allegations of sexual assault and reports that female trainees have been forced to provide sexual services to men in power.

"I just want people to know this is not OK". "I can not tolerate myself to live alone and to avoid everyone around me".

The police in charge of the case in August 2016 had asked the fix center recovering Jung's cellphone to give a written statement that it was impossible to recover the data on the mobile phone, the whistleblower said on local news outlet SBS. "I will now set down all my activities as a public figure that are not self-reflection, and I will reflect for the rest of my life on my immoral and illegal actions related to the crimes".

Meanwhile, the case is expected to grow bigger following a local broadcaster's report concerning alleged collusion between Jung and the police in 2016, when Jung was accused of secretly taking intimate photos of his ex-girlfriend without her consent.

It's a blemish on South Korea's leading cultural export that's spawned the creation of a Seoul Metropolitan Police unit to look into the matter.

In a statement FNC Entertainment said that the singer would be leaving the band FT Island in the wake of the allegations, Reuters reported.

Now under suspicion of the another similar hidden camera incident, Joon Young told the Police during his investigation on the 14th, "I replaced my cell phone two weeks ago". The singer is one of a number of high-profile names who have been roped into the sex video scandal.

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