Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Virginia Woman Wins The Lottery Thirty Times In One Day

Virginia Woman Wins The Lottery Thirty Times In One Day

The Richmond resident won the Virginia lottery 30 times that day after she bought 30 Pick 4 tickets with the exact same combination - 1-0-3-1. She chose to purchase 10 more tickets later in the day - again going for the number combo of 1-0-3-1, NBC News reports.

In fact, each of those 30 tickets was a victor, securing Brown $5,000 for each for a total of $150,000 in winnings. On a hunch, she made a decision to buy an additional 10 tickets. The number on the tickets came up, and she won them all.

"She bought all her tickets at Irongate Shell located at 6437 Iron Bridge Road in Chesterfield County", a Virginia Lottery spokesman said. "Ms".

Brown has no immediate plans for her winnings, the statement said, but she is considering renovating her home.

"I almost had a heart attack!"

Although the odds are unclear, playing the same numbers consistently can at times pay off. "I jumped out of the vehicle because it was raining, ran in there, played my numbers and ran out". Brown said as the day progressed, she began to notice the same series of numbers appearing everywhere she looked. After taxes Bailey walked away with $125.3 million - the fourth-largest payoff in US history and the top win ever in New York State. Once before he scored $30,000 playing the same lucky numbers on a Take 5 ticket.

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