Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Google teases gaming announcement for GDC

Google teases gaming announcement for GDC

In related news, we could also get our first glimpse of a game controller Google is apparently working on, for which a patent made headlines in recent days. Now Google seems to have even more up its sleeve than its streaming service.

Google is setting the bar pretty high for its Game Developers Conference keynote that's scheduled for a week from today, during which the company promises to unveil its vision for the "future of gaming". Is it VR? Is it Chrome-based gaming via the cloud? The games are powered by Google's high-performance computers, which then stream the images to the web browser in a similar way Netflix streams videos.

Last night, it was announced that Google had bolstered its gaming credentials with the appointment of former Ubisoft and EA executive Jade Raymond as Vice President. Sony's offered its PlayStation Now game streaming service since 2014, and chipmaker Nvidia offers one called GeForce Now.

The event itself is happening in San Francisco, and the CNET team will be there.

Google will have a presence at GDC, and that is something we've known for the past month.

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