Published: Mon, March 11, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

The Android Q Beta is likely launching in just a few hours

The Android Q Beta is likely launching in just a few hours

For Android Q, there's the hope that more phones from more manufacturers will join the pre-release ranks in engaging its users in new software. A news about the Android Q has been leaked and it suggests that more and more smartphones will get the Android Q Beta update when compared to Android 9 Pie.

According to the questionnaire in the podcast, Mr. Illiyan Malchev has told that last time a total of eight OEMs were involved in the Android P beta program - including the Pixel devices.

It's worth pointing out that the early beta releases are very unstable, and tend to take away a lot of features in devices that would otherwise work on a stable version of Android.

Android Q, the next version of the green robot, should soon be revealed to the world with the launch of the Preview version by Google for its Pixels, and a few months later as usual, the beta test program will be launched also to other smartphones: this year, the number should be bigger than last year.

And as promised Google had delivered the early Android P Beta program for those devices and had opened up the initial beta testing previews for the developers. At last year's Google I/O, the Mountain View search engine giant had unveiled their Android P (Pie) developer preview. And for the upcoming Google I/O this year, Illiyan has revealed the number of OEMs this year is certainly bigger, and he's feeling happy about it. I can not share the exact numbers yet.

The most common Android version is still Android 6.x Marshmallow, which launched in 2015, and is still running on more than 1 in 5 devices worldwide.

It was a rather unprecedented and definitely welcome move by Google. Of course, we'll have to wait till May this year to definitively know the final list of smartphone makers on board with the Android Q beta programme.

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