Published: Sun, March 10, 2019
Business | By Eloise Houston

Tokyo prosecutor says Ghosn's bail conditions not sufficient

Tokyo prosecutor says Ghosn's bail conditions not sufficient

Surrounded by security guards and dressed in a workman's uniform and a blue cap, Mr Ghosn's face was obscured by thick glasses and the surgical-type mask, a far cry from his usual tailored suits.

But Takano acknowledged the plan backfired, with the world's media instead snapping photos and filming video of Ghosn, transformed from his previously suave executive image.

Ghosn walked out of a local jail Wednesday after more than 100 days of detention following an unexpected decision from the Tokyo District Court, despite strong opposition from prosecutors.

Takano said in a blog post that he took full responsibility for what he called the "theater of disguise".

"I caused tangible and intangible damage to many people".

Though he was released after posting bail of 1bn yen (£6.8m; $8.9m), Mr Ghosn but must adhere to strict bail conditions. "I feel sorry about that", he added.

Takano asked the media to respect Ghosn's privacy.

Had they found him, "not only would he not be able to have his life back, but also his health would be damaged", as well as his neighbours' lives being at risk. "We definitely needed to avoid such situation".

However, Japanese media on Friday filmed Ghosn with his wife and one of his daughters outside his Tokyo residence.

His disguise was roundly mocked by the media, with one Japanese TV station even re-enacting the incident complete with a man in a lookalike outfit, and a similar van to the one Mr Ghosn used.

Ghosn's release was the latest twist in a saga that has gripped the business world in Japan and beyond since his November 19 arrest.

Court-approved conditions include the confiscation of his passport, front entrance surveillance at his residence, no internet access, limited computer use without internet on weekdays at his lawyers' office, and cell phone monitoring.

The blue-collar theme continued when Ghosn got into a silver van - a Suzuki - with a workman's ladder strapped to its roof and, pursued by media motorcycles and helicopters, was driven across Tokyo to his lawyer's office. Footage collected on camera will also be reviewed periodically in court.

Mr. Ghosn had been denied bail twice under his previous legal team, which had proposed he wear a Global Positioning System ankle monitor, on grounds that he would be a flight risk or that he would destroy evidence.

Takano said Ghosn's bail will be cancelled if any of the rules are violated and "he would have to return to the tough life in custody".

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