Published: Sat, March 09, 2019
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Google's Duplex AI now makes reservations in 43 states

Google's Duplex AI now makes reservations in 43 states

It remains to be seen when support will go live in the remainder of the non-supported states as it's possible local regulations may prohibit the use of a feature like this for various reasons.

According to The Verge, not all us states allow for recording audio files without consent. Now, it also works on Smart Displays, like the Google Home Hub, and non-Google speakers, like the Insignia Smart Speaker. Artificial intelligence posing as a human being is not without some controversy. Google Assistant handles everything once you issue your command. Also, Duplex would inform the party receiving the call that they are talking to an automated system and the call is being recorded. Continued Conversations is rolling out over "the next few days" to all Smart Displays powered by the Google Assistant in the us that are set to English.

Google confirmed the expansion earlier today stating Google Pixel phone owners can now use the feature in 43 states within the US.

Google isn't limiting its service to just one set of users: Businesses can benefit from Duplex by allowing customers to book through Google Assistant, while customers can call businesses to inquire about information or an appointment.

Continued Conversation
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Once a reservation/appointment is successfully booked, you'll receive a confirmation notification (via phone and email) along with a calendar invite. All without needing to say "Hey Google" again.

How Duplex will make restaurant reservations?

Following a limited beta test last summer, Duplex began rolling out in November to Android devices running version 5.0 or above, and iPhones with Google Assistant installed. Google offered The Verge the following statement about those last few States.

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