Published: Sat, March 09, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Galaxy S10, S10 Plus teardowns show they're built to take the heat

Galaxy S10, S10 Plus teardowns show they're built to take the heat

Samsung will be live streaming the launch event which is slated to start at 12.30 PM IST wherein DJ Koh will be unveiling the Galaxy S10 series in India.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a name that usually associates with Apple predictions, is providing sales predictions for the Galaxy S10 series. The smartphone maker began taking pre-orders for the latest S10 line of devices on February 10.

Samsung may be reaching the limits of shoehorning new tech into its old designs as teardown king iFixit learned when it took its tools to the new lineup of Samsung Galaxy phones - the S10E, S10 Plus and S10. According to Kuo, Samsung should ship between 40 million and 45 million Galaxy S10 units, up from his previous 30 million to 35 million estimate. Consumers are willing to pay more for larger displays, better cameras, and innovative features.

A hike in shipments is also cited as increased demand for high-end smartphones, especially in China and growth in trade-in programs.

Based on the 2019 Mobile World Congress, foldable is being cemented as the future of smartphones, with Samsung and Huawei leading the pack.

He added that the "spec differentiation" from the current batch of iPhones is also helping the Samsung flagship.

All Galaxy S10 devices run on Android 9.0 Pie with Samsung's One UI.

The biggest issue, though, is the new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built into the front display. It works even when your hands are wet or dirty.

The latest Samsung phones also support 'bilateral wireless charging, ' meaning you can use them to charge your accessories and other devices wirelessly. Whereas conventional smartphone OLED panels' visuals feature roughly 12 per cent blue light, the Galaxy S10's feature just seven per cent - the lowest level in the business.

One thing which is sure is that Samsung is determined to push foldable designs into the mainstream.

Galaxy S10+ would be available in 1TB, 512GB and 128GB storage variants for Rs 1,17,900, Rs 91,900 and Rs 73,900, respectively.

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