Published: Fri, March 08, 2019
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Patch released to fix crashing issues, but there’s a catch

Patch released to fix crashing issues, but there’s a catch

The developer also wants to move it more into the hand cannon space, so it's reducing its rate of fire, reducing its headshot damage multiplier, and increasing base hip fire spread.

According to the release notes, this patch brings some balance tweaks to the Wingman and Peacekeeper weapons, reduces their availability in all zone tiers and increases availability of energy weapons & ammo in all zone tiers.

Respawn Entertainment released an update for its popular battle royale title "Apex Legends" on Wednesday that brings some changes to its meta by tweaking balance and hit boxes.

The news comes way of Apex Legends Product Manager Lee Horn, who confirmed that Respawn has heard complaints about cheating in the game - particularly on PC - which is why it will be making reporting cheaters easier.

A core philosophy of our development process for Apex Legends is to listen to player feedback, parse through all the data we get from the game, try things, and then playtest them a ton to get them just right. Our goal is to make less frequent, better tested, higher impact changes, so it minimizes the effects on your time spent mastering a particular mechanic, weapon, character, etc.

Player hitboxes will be a big focus in Season 1 of Apex Legends. Rate of fire, headhsot damage, and hip fire have made the Wingman slightly less effective than it was before, and the Shotgun Bolt attachment for Peacekeeper doesn't quite mitigate the rechamber rate like it did before.

That's why they're not buffing the P2020 or Mozambique - Respawn want people to scrabble around in search of better weapons at the start.

Furthermore, this patch fixes some script errors that the team identified were occasionally causing disconnects during matches.

"Our goal is to have a "power curve" of weapons", meaning that "some weapons will be weaker and more common, while others will be stronger and rarer".

Pathfinder is getting a minor buff, as they're upping the number of beacons he can hack to discover where the circle is going to go from 10 to 12, while Lifeline, Bangalore and Wraith are getting slight nerfs.

As for character balance, Respawn said it looks at a combination of factors, including pick rate, win rate, and player feedback. Full Apex Legends patch notes below...

Players occasionally causing disconnects when removing an attachment.

Caustic's traps will increase in radius by 10 percent. The changes for this have been revealed although they'll be implemented at the start of Season 1.

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