Published: Thu, February 14, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

OnePlus 5G Smartphone prototype to be showcased during MWC 2019

OnePlus 5G Smartphone prototype to be showcased during MWC 2019

OnePlus is the market leader in the premium (USD 500-700) smartphone segment, with a market share of 44% in India, according to IDC Asia Pacific Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, February 2019. In case the 5G enable smartphone is in fact launched before the OnePlus 7, it can be assumed that the phone may bear features influenced by the OnePlus 6T, which was the company's latest smartphone to be release past year.

The OnePlus 7 could be revealed, partially at least, at MWC 2019 at the end of this month packing the latest 5G connectivity smarts to take on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro. OnePlus invites its MWC visitors at the company booth stating that, "communicate with [their] community over a 5G network".

The fact that the handset will be at Qualcomm's stand is no great surprise.

OnePlus has collaborated with European telecom carrier EE to be among the first brands to launch a 5G smartphone. OnePlus says that attendees at MWC will experience "5G gaming" on the OnePlus 5G prototype device.

There's no word yet on United Kingdom pricing, but as the OnePlus 6T starts at £499, we can expect the as-yet-unnamed handset to fetch around £599.

Now, in terms of the design, we really do not know what to expect, as OnePlus may opt to differentiate this phone from the OnePlus 7 in terms of the design, so who knows what it will opt to do.

OnePlus' 5G handset will be a high-end phone, no doubt about it, as it will ship with Qualcomm's flagship processor, and it will be quite expensive on top of that. The statement makes it seem that OnePlus is more likely going to show off the phone's 5G capabilities rather than the phone itself. Lau has confirmed that it won't be the OnePlus 7.

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