Published: Thu, February 14, 2019
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Bill Cosby: 'Prison is an amazing experience'

Bill Cosby: 'Prison is an amazing experience'

Bill Cosby has referred to his time in prison as an "amazing experience".

Wyatt told WCAU, an NBC affiliate in Philadelphia, "Yeah, he used the term wonderful experience". "He said they told him if he was going to continue to fight for civil rights, something like this was bound to happen, and he's been preparing for it and he knows he's in prison not for rape, but for infidelity", Wyatt told Washington Informer.

"My political beliefs, my actions of trying to humanize all races, genders and religions landed me in this place surrounded by barb wire fencing, a room made of steel and iron", the disgraced comic said in the statement released Wednesday by his spokesman Andrew Wyatt.

He reiterated his argument, which he has made for more than three years and through two trials, that he was not charged in 2005 in connection with Constand's allegations and he later settled her civil suit against him for almost $4 million. "He does not want her to visit him".

Cosby, 81, was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison after being convicted for drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand at his metro Philly mansion in 2004. The sexual predator was known as "America's Dad" after starring as the family head in hit US TV series The Cosby Show.

Cosby does not have a cellmate and speaks to his wife Camille on the phone three times each day for three minutes at a time. He is forgoing bread and desert, and "hasn't drank any coffee since he's been in there", Wyatt explained.

Bill Cosby is apparently having the time of his life in prison.

"Now the amusing part about it [is] Mrs. Cosby's been trying to stop him from drinking coffee for 55 years and it took this to stop him from drinking coffee".

In comments to CNN last week, Wyatt disputed the "gen pop" characterization: "He does not eat in the area with other residents, he does not have a cellmate, and he does not exercise with other residents".

Bill Cosby departs the Montgomery County Courthouse on the first day of sentencing in his sexual assault trial in Norristown, Pennsylvania, Sept. 24, 2018.

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