Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Take action in Gmail using right-click context menu

Take action in Gmail using right-click context menu

Good news for Gmail users: Google team has made a decision to implement a shortcut menu that can be activated by right clicking on an incoming email. Following the update users will also be able to open multiple emails in new windows simultaneously, as well as moving emails and adding labels through the same redesigned context menu.

Users don't need to anything to take advantage of the new features.

Thanks to this solution, just to give an example, who prepares invoices can with an app could fill automatically information and product numbers.

The update means that it is now possible to perform more actions directly from the inbox. Arguably even more useful, there'll be a shortcut for searches there, too. The company understands that well (but it took its time), so it will improve the right click function to offer many more options. You'll also be able to search for similar emails, including looking up other messages from that sender or emails with the same subject.

Currently, users are limited to only a handful of options such as Archive, Delete, and Mark as Unread, when right-clicking on an email. The feature will be ON by default, it further added.

The new right-click menu can be seen below. The context menu can be accessed using Ctrl+click on Mac keyboards and menu key on Windows keyboards. Everyone on that track should see the new options within 15 days.

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