Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
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Michelle Obama shares text exchange with mom from Grammys night

Michelle Obama shares text exchange with mom from Grammys night

In photos posted on Instagram showing the text messages, Obama's mother asked her daughter what she did at the Grammys last February 10.

Last night, Obama shared screenshots of a text conversation with her mother, in which it was revealed that Robinson doesn't necessarily view her daughter as a celebrity in the same realm as the women she shared the stage with.

"I guess you were a hit at the Grammys" the proud mom wrote with an emoji.

But her mother Marian Robinson, 81, seemed less than impressed, texting her to say: 'Did you meet any real stars?'

Obama: And I am a real the way...

"When your mom doesn't think you're a "real" celebrity...", Obama posted.

Obama texted back, "Did you watch it?".

After a text squabble over whether Michelle had told Marian she would be appearing on the show, she ended with a mic drop moment. Music shows us that all of it matters - every story within every voice, every note within every song. "Is that right ladies?"

Robinson, who lived with the Obamas during their White House years, shares a close relationship with her daughter.

Obama wrote that she thought she had told her about it, and then added a Peak Daughter clapback. 'I was anxious about my grandkids'.

Following her appearance, she had tweeted how she wanted to be there for Alicia Keys who was the host for the big night. The butlers, the housekeepers.

'You know, everyone would go there and just unload, you know?

"Yeah", her mom responded. When the kids were still little and they needed to have someone be with them in school.

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