Published: Tue, February 12, 2019
Sports | By Juana Wells

Marcus Morris explains why he called out his team

Marcus Morris explains why he called out his team

There were growing pains, especially in a sloppy first half, but the Clippers prevailed with significant contributions from three of the four newly acquired players.

It was the largest comeback in the National Basketball Association in the past two seasons and the largest in Clippers history.

The Los Angeles Clippers and the Boston Celtics duke it out at the TD Garden on Saturday night. The Clippers came back from 28 points down to beat the Celtics 123-112, the biggest comeback in Clippers' history. Now I am not going to overreact over a simple loss in February, but this is no simple loss.

"I mean for me, it's not really about the loss, but the attitudes that we're playing with", Morris told reporters after the game.

Morris doesn't know the exact answer when it comes to correcting Boston's issues, but he realizes that things need to change if the team wants to advance deep in the postseason. It was a justifiable move, as the Celtics went into the trade deadline winners of nine of their last 10 games, finally looking like a team that should be able to compete for an Eastern Conference crown.

The Celtics may yet make an addition on the buyout market - perhaps Marcus Morris' twin Markieff or Enes Kanter - but they can not afford to lose Irving for an extended period of time.

"I watch all these other teams in the league, guys up on the bench, up on the court; they're doing stuff that looks like they're enjoying their teammate's success, they're enjoying everything and they're playing together. And when I look at us, I just see a bunch of individuals". Now, Morris is calling on his teammates to put any drama behind them and focus on winning. Whatever that takes, I'm with it. No one's getting traded; trade deadline is over. If they want to take me out of the starting lineup, get some juice in there, I'm with it.

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