Published: Tue, February 12, 2019
Sports | By Juana Wells

Knicks remove photo with Kevin Durant from season ticket pitch

Knicks remove photo with Kevin Durant from season ticket pitch

The team seems to be so sure, that they desperately attempted to lure season ticket renewals by using Knicks big man Mitchell Robinson with Kevin Durant in the background.

Kevin Durant spoke for the first time about his contentious press conference with the media last Wednesday, during a hit with ESPN's Get Up on Monday morning. "To be clear, it was one of several rotating photos on the website", according to the statement. Another fan corroborated the image before the Knicks eventually took it down.

Durant, who is expected to opt out of his Warriors contract after this season, has been dogged all season by speculation about whether he will re-sign with Golden State or move elsewhere this summer.

Former New York Knicks centre Kristaps Porzingis reportedly had expressed a desire to play for the Toronto Raptors prior to ultimately being traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

But yesterday he explained why he lost his cool with the local media. "I'm trying to play basketball". Still, they made a curious photo choice when asking season-ticket holders to renew before a February 28 deadline.

Per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Porzingis who met with the Knicks before being acquired by the Mavs on January 31, gave NY a short list of teams that he desired to be traded to, which included the Raptors.

As the Daily News pointed out, the National Basketball Association fined the Atlanta Hawks in 2013 after a letter that mentioned a pair of impending free agents, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, was sent to prospective ticket buyers.

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