Published: Mon, February 11, 2019
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Fortnite Account Merge: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite Account Merge: Everything You Need to Know

Neither of your accounts can be now banned or disabled because, you know, that's the rules. Consolidating them all into one account would just make playing the game that much easier.

Now, Fortnite's publisher Epic Games has introduced an account merge tool that unifies all of your game progress across all platforms - giving you a single login for every version of Fortnite across PC, PS4, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

After a fortnight - that's two weeks, but I wasn't going to ignore the low-hanging fruit there - your cosmetic items and V-Bucks will be transferred to your Primary account. Simply decide on which of your two accounts you'd like to keep, then log into both and voila: your v-bucks and items should all move to your chosen account. You can unlink it before merging. For now at least, accounts suitable for merging must have played on Nintendo Switch or Xbox One and the other on PlayStation 4 before September 28 2018. Just to be clear, the wording specifies that the second account is disabled.

The user must have access to all associated email addresses used in the Fortnite accounts.

Battle Royale merges all cosmetics. For Battle Royale mode, the game will merge all cosmetic items, and Save the World mode will retain all llamas, defenders, heroes schematics, survivors, XP, and evolution and perk materials gained over time.

Marketplace Items, Creative Islands and Save the World account level progress do not merge.

In June a year ago, Sony caused outrage when it was discovered playing Fortnite on PS4 meant the same account login wouldn't work on the Nintendo Switch. Below, we'll tell you how to do it and why it's useful. After that, Epic Games will transfer all of what you have in that account to the main account you selected.

Don't freak out if you don't see new items and/or V-Bucks in your unified account right away.

This whole is an epic and simple process for those who are holding to gaming accounts and are messy struggling.

The process of merging all your content and V-Bucks takes two weeks.

Have you merged your Fortnite accounts yet?

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