Published: Mon, February 11, 2019
Sci-tech | By April Francis

Democrats in Congress propose sweeping Green New Deal

Democrats in Congress propose sweeping Green New Deal

Ed Markey's (D-MA) so-called Green New Deal to the moon landing.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York, published the details of the "Green New Deal" proposal and a "frequently asked questions" section on February 5, then pulled them from her website on February 7. After suggesting that conservatives were somehow to blame, her team now says we should all forget about the document because it was just an "early draft" that they accidentally posted and distributed to major news outlets.

Ocasio-Cortez's team has said that they plan to publish an official FAQ for the Green New Deal as the resolution moves forward.

Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform ventured to the University of Miami to discuss Ocasio-Cortez's plan with students and gauge their thoughts on the deal. "It's definitely a great idea", added another.

When he told students what, exactly, was in the deal, responses changed. "Global warming is an existential threat to the planet, so if we don't command this country to think big about saving our nation and our world from destruction, then I don't think we're gonna get close to meeting the mark".

"I think that's drastic." the next student conceded.

"Anything that would reduce our dependence on fossil fuels is really important".

As IJR previously reported, Ocasio-Cortez's rollout of her long-awaited Green New Deal resolution was met with laughter after a fact-sheet about the resolution claimed that the longterm goals included replacing air travel with trains, renovating every building in America, and stopping cows from farting.

"I don't think that that is something that would be able to be done in such a short amount of time", one student said. I have a 10-year-old and 7-year-old. The document was later removed by Ocasio-Cortez's office, yet the host still asked why people should pay for those unwilling to work.

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