Published: Sun, February 10, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Spotify is taking a zero-tolerance policy against ad blockers

Spotify is taking a zero-tolerance policy against ad blockers

Such kind of tools created to block advertisements in the Spotify Service can result in immediate termination or suspension of your account.

The disabling of Spotify accounts on the usage of ad blockers is not applicable to the premium Spotify accounts and only for the free users as Spotify doesn't display ads for the paid users.

Spotify released yesterday its financial results for 2018 and along with that updated its Terms and Conditions.

Anyone who has an ad blocker knows the beauty of having one. This development was a long time coming, as Spotify revealed last March that two million free users were using third-party tools to get around ads. This change in terms of service comes after their paying user-base increased by 9 million users in Q4 of 2018, where the streaming giant solidified their position atop the tree. If you use an ad blocker on the streaming service, you should stop, or you may be banned from the service. Users found in breach of the rules could have their accounts suspended or terminated.

An email from the company informing users of the new guidelines states that the change will officially go into effect on March 1. No warnings, and no second chances.

Spotify users should check their emails for new terms of service agreement from Spotify.

Spotify has been targeting free users who evade advertisements for a while using measures that detect suspicious activity or technical issues. The company is reportedly in talks to acquire podcast network Gimlet Media, which includes podcasts such as Reply All and Homecoming, in an attempt to bolster the podcasting element of its service.

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