Published: Sun, February 10, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Netflix’s Smart Download Feature For Videos Now Comes to iPhone

Netflix’s Smart Download Feature For Videos Now Comes to iPhone

"Smart Downloads is available on the latest version of the Netflix app for Android mobile devices, iOS mobile devices, and computers and tablets running Windows 10". If you'd rather keep watched episodes on your device and manually manage your downloaded content, visit the Downloads tab in the Netflix app and toggle Smart Downloads off. As soon as you're done with the first episode, it is deleted automatically once Smart Downloads is enabled, and the fourth episode is downloaded onto your device. The feature is created to automatically delete an episode before it installs a new one. Now, when you finish watching a downloaded episode, Smart Downloads will delete it, and then automatically download the next episode. The app then also deletes the previous episode so you're not constantly filling up your data card with already viewed content.

When you've done that, basically head over to the "downloads" area of the application and you'll find the "smart downloads" switch at the exceptionally top.

You can also to turn the feature on and off from the App Settings.

Scroll down and select App Settings.

Netflix initially planned to release the Smart Downloads to iOS users late a year ago, but it was delayed for a couple of months before it finally launched.

Smart Downloads will only work on WiFi so you don't need to worry about this feature eating up your data quota.

Say you download three episodes of a series, for instance. Some subscribers noticed a pop-up that asked them if they wish to "watch this scene again".

"The faster our members can get to the next episode of their favorite stories, the better", a spokesperson said.

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