Published: Sat, February 09, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

You Can Now Blur the Background during Skype Video Calls

You Can Now Blur the Background during Skype Video Calls

Microsoft has rolled its long-awaited background-blur feature to Skype for the PC and Mac, returning the focus to you and away from the clutter that can distract video callers.

In an attempt to stay relevant in the reign of WhatsApp (download for iOS or Android), Microsoft's video chat app Skype (download for iOS or Android) added background blur during calls.

The feature first appeared in Microsoft Teams, but is now available more widely and uses a simple key toggle, right-click or menu click to bring in the AI-powered fuzz. It will then blur out the surroundings but leave the subject in focus. With this new feature available, Skype users can reduce the distraction of a busy or messy background and get a cleaner, more impactful image. There is no word on whether mobile versions will be updated with the function.

It's not clear whether Microsoft plans to add background blurring to the Skype platforms for the smartphone, such as Android or iOS.

The Skype team suggests that the feature can be used to avoid having to tidy up before making a call, as well as avoiding the possibility that business users might inadvertently reveal confidential information that might otherwise be visible during a call.

You can get the same results via "Skype Settings".

The new feature lets you blur out your background details that you'd rather weren't on display to the other party on the line. Skype Users Will Now Be Able To Make Calls With Amazon Alexa in India. As such, it can detect your hair, hands, and arms, making a call just as relaxed and easy as a regular video call.

Arriving to your desktop now, Skype joins Microsoft Teams which enabled the feature a year ago. But in case you want all the focus on yourself and not on the mess behind you, you now have that option.

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