Published: Mon, February 04, 2019
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Titanfall Battle Royale Game Confirmed, Info Blowout Incoming

Titanfall Battle Royale Game Confirmed, Info Blowout Incoming

According to Kotaku's Jason Schreier, he was tipped off about the game last month, and was told that it "plays like Titanfall mixed with Overwatch and Blackout from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4". Apex Legends seems to have the Titanfall name attached for now, but it still seems quite separate. Before the trailer dropped during the Super Bowl today, a Twitter account for the game was spotted and Geoff Keighley confirmed its existence. While the game is set in the Titanfall universe, it, unfortunately, will not include Titans.

Respawn invited top streamers and esports pros across Battle Royale and other FPS games to playtest Apex Legends in Los Angeles this past week.

Reportedly a Titanfall game without the mechs.

Apex Legends will feature classes/heroes with unique abilities, maximum of 60 players per server, maximum of 3 players per team (trios) to compliment each other. Apex Legends will supposedly feature microtransactions, though how invasive they are remains to be seen once the game launches.

Apex Legends is set to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. He theorized that Repawn has chose to switch engines and that they hope that Apex Legends will satisfy fans until Titanfall 3 can be released. Apex Legends is using the modified Source engine so it's possible the game was born from Titanfall 3's development and is a way for Respawn to buy themselves more development time for Titanfall 3.

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