Published: Thu, January 31, 2019
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May to ask European Union to reopen Brexit deal

May to ask European Union to reopen Brexit deal

The backstop would keep the a customs union with the EU in order to remove the need for checks along the border between the U.K.'s Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland after Britain leaves the bloc.

LEADING retailers have warned that a no-deal Brexit will drive up food prices and pose a "significant" risk to the range and quality of products on supermarket shelves.

But earlier, at a meeting of the ERG attended by around 50 MPs, Brexiteers complained that Sir Graham's amendment was too vague and claimed no deal was better than a bad deal.

The House of Commons passed a motion 317-301 calling for changes to replace backstop with "alternative arrangements", giving Ms.

The European Union has been adamant that there will be no renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement and that means no changes will be made to the backstop proposal; unless of course the United Kingdom shifts its red lines.

MPs will consider a series of amendments to Theresa May's plans that could shape the future direction of Brexit.

That has won the backing of May and some Brexit campaigners, but a new compromise proposal, led by both Conservative pro-EU and pro-Brexit lawmakers, to return to Brussels with two options is also gaining support.

Additionally, another amendment put forward, this one by Rachel Reeves, a British economist and Labour Party politician, which was looking to prevent a no-deal Brexit, has also been voted against, by 322 to 290, a majority of 32.

"When I go back to Brussels to seek the changes this house demands, I need the strongest possible support behind me", she said.

The pound then sunk even further by almost 0.7% as a number of other amendments were voted on - particularly MPs backing a call for the Brexit deal to be passed if backstop removed.

Speaking after the vote, a spokesman for European Council President Donald Tusk said the backstop was not up for negotiation, a stance echoed by the Irish government.

Others, backed by the main opposition Labour Party, seek to rule out a no-deal Brexit so Britain can't tumble out of the bloc on March 29 without an agreement in place to cushion the shock. We've had two years of negotiations between the British government and the European Union which resulted in basic protections for Ireland which are in the protocol known as the backstop.

"Today we have the chance to show the EU what it will take to get a deal through this House of Commons, what it will take to move beyond the confusion and division and uncertainty that now hangs over us, and onto the bright, new, close, open relationship we want to build and can build with our European friends in the years ahead", May told the Commons.

Following the defeat of Theresa May's proposed deal, there have been continued calls from the prime minister to take the prospect of leaving without a deal off the table.

May urged hundreds of Conservative politicians crammed into a meeting room inside Parliament to support the proposal, which would strip out the so-called backstop plan for the Irish border, wrecking a compromise she's agreed to with the European Union in the hope of securing one with her own party.

The report said MPs "must" be given the chance to vote on extending Article 50, delaying the UK's exit from the bloc to stave off leaving without an agreement.

Senior Brexiteer rebels - who voted down the PM's deal last month - have indicated they would be willing to back the rest of the UK-EU Brexit deal if she gets legal changes to the backstop.

Not all amendments will be put to a vote, with Commons Speaker John Bercow to make the selection on Tuesday morning, with votes cast from 7:00 pm (1900 GMT).

Pound reaction: "Cooper/Boles we think is small upside for the pound, as delay is always preferable to a forced decision", said Royal Bank of Canada's chief currency strategist Adam Cole.

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