Published: Wed, January 30, 2019
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Rep. Ted Lieu Endorses Kamala Harris For President

Rep. Ted Lieu Endorses Kamala Harris For President

Harris made this suggestion while she was in Iowa on Monday night for a televised town hall, where she fielded questions from voters about her positions on key issues.

After noting that the Sanders-sponsored Medicare for All legislation that Harris supports would totally eliminate all private insurance, moderator Jake Tapper asked, "So for people out there who like their insurance-they don't get to keep it?" She is now married to a dude named Doug.

As he continues to weigh whether to jump into the 2020 race, Schultz has been receiving push back from Democrats who argue that he would siphon votes from the party's nominee, ultimately handing President Donald Trump his second term.

She said projecting presidential authority "means speaking with integrity (and) speaking truth, and speaking in a way that expresses and indicates some level of interest and concern in people other than oneself".

"That's a risk I refused to run in 2016 and we can't afford to run it now".

DeJear was Iowa's first African American to win a primary for statewide office a year ago, but lost in her attempt to unseat Iowa's Republican secretary of state.

As a lawyer, and a fellow black woman who grew up horrified by the lack of compassion and consciousness within the American criminal justice system, I wholeheartedly identify with Harris' mission to attend law school as a path to become a voice for the voiceless and vulnerable; sometimes, in order to most effectively change a corrupt system, it's best to tackle it from the inside.

Launching her campaign a year before the first primary vote, she added: "We must answer a fundamental question: Who are we?" Harris was asked, "You're an African-American woman, but you are also Indian American". "We should not be trading on your life".

In her tweet, Lahren posted an article about Harris" brief dating stint in the early "90s with her old boss, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. She pointed to the 2012 shooting rampage at a CT school that left 26 people - mostly children - dead and said members of Congress should have been forced into a room to view the autopsy photos and then been asked to "vote your conscience". "Here's the reality of it also: we're not waiting for a good idea".

With the official launch of her campaign, Ms. Harris is increasingly considered one of the strongest in a pack of diverse Democratic candidates - women, racial and sexual minorities - making a bid for the White House in 2020. Kamala Harris propelled CNN to 945k total day live starts across digital platforms on Monday, January 28.

Kamala Harris had some "very harsh" words for members of Congress who, she said, had "failed to act" again and again on gun control. Medicare-for-All? Just 37 percent of Americans want it when informed their health plans would disappear - and just wait until they hear about the increased taxes.

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