Published: Sun, January 13, 2019
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Poland arrests Huawei employee as spy, while Malta pushes forward with deal

Poland arrests Huawei employee as spy, while Malta pushes forward with deal

In the latest setback for Huawei, Poland said Friday it had arrested a Chinese telecoms executive suspected of spying for China, with local media identifying him as a Huawei director.

Poland's TVP Info reported that ABW agents searched both Orange and Huawei's offices on Tuesday, having received court approval last week.

Huawei is facing increasing pressure across the European Union amid growing concerns that Beijing could use the company's equipment for spying, something executives have denied.

One of them is Polish while the other one is Chinese.

"This specific investigation concerns two people".

Huawei is a major supplier of telecommunications equipment in Canada, where Bradley had served as chair of the 5G Canada Council, a national trade group promoting adoption of next-generation high-speed wireless technology.

A spokeswoman at the Chinese Embassy told The Associated Press that embassy representatives have met with officials at Poland's Foreign Ministry and that China urges Poland "to inform China about the situation of this case and arrange a consular visit as soon as possible".

Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications company that is viewed by U.S. government officials as a national security risk.

The company has attracted even greater scrutiny following the arrest of its chief financial officer last month in Canada.

Huawei said in a statement that its employee's alleged actions "have no relation to the company".

"Both carried out espionage activities against Poland", he said.

"Huawei has always abided by applicable laws and regulations of the country where it is located. and requires all employees to abide by the country's laws and regulations", it said.

In a statement, it said the man, named as Wang Weijing, acted on his own and brought the firm into disrepute.

Huawei has rejected Western concerns, saying there was "no evidence" that it poses a threat to the national security of any country.

A Chinese businessman and a Pole have been arrested on suspicion of espionage in Poland.

Any block on Huawei being involved in the roll-out of 5G in New Zealand could disproportionately impact 2degrees, which has largely relied on the Chinese firm to supply the bulk of its network technology. It's the world's biggest maker of telecommunications equipment but has been banned in the USA since 2012 over fears it's a security risk.

Mr Brudzinski said Poland wanted to continue cooperating with China but that a discussion was needed on whether to exclude Huawei from some markets.

The new arrests came about a month after Canadian authorities arrested Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou at the request of the United States.

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