Published: Sun, January 13, 2019
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Merkel Recognises Nazi Crimes in Greece, Remains Silent on WWII Reparations

Merkel Recognises Nazi Crimes in Greece, Remains Silent on WWII Reparations

German Chancellor Angela Merkel flew into Athens Thursday for a short visit that appears created to pressure the Greek political establishment into approving a tension-reducing deal with neighbouring Macedonia.

Merkel was to hold talks with conservative opposition New Democracy party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, an European Union parliament ally of her Christian Democrats. "We know how much suffering we, as Germany in the time of Nazism, have brought to Greece", she said.

"The difficulties now lie behind us, and Greece is a different country that can regard the future with greater optimism", he said.

Merkel visited Skopje before last year's referendum on the change to show support.

"I don't believe in deterrence, meaning that I must make things bad enough so that no one will come anymore", she said, adding that the answer lay far more in developing humane perspectives in the refugees' countries of origin. After he took office at the beginning of 2015, he has, however, made a u-turn and implemented by Brussels and Berlin demanded reforms and austerity measures to a large extent. The Overcoming of the dispute will benefit all sides.

"That includes the deep conviction that cooperation with each other is in any case better than nationalism, which has so often led us in Europe to catastrophe", Merkel told reporters in the Greek capital on Thursday.

"We stress, together with the Chancellor, that this is the greatest danger for Europe", he said, referring to the far-right forces seeking to increase their influence in the upcoming European elections.

The two-day program, a contrast with her brief stopover in April 2014, is a reminder of the geopolitical crises that shaped Merkel as Europe's preeminent leader-the euro crisis and Europe's migration turmoil.

But in Greece, the debate on the topic came up again following the debt crisis of recent years.

"There are many Iraqis, many Afghans and many others for whom we have no solution in the deal".

Greece crisis: Merkel stated after the Meeting with Tsipras, the reforms in Greece should be continued, the country was not yet at the end of the Reformwegs.

Tsipras announced that he reached an agreement with Merkel that Germany will be the honoured country at the 2020 Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF).

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