Published: Fri, January 11, 2019
Medicine | By Tracy Klein

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio guarantees comprehensive health care to all residents

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio guarantees comprehensive health care to all residents

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an even more ambitious program on Tuesday called NYC Care that would provide coverage for all New Yorkers.

The mayor added that participants will also be told how to get care from a specialist, such as an obstetrician/gynaecologist or mental health provider.

New York City, with a population of 8.6 million, has more than 6000,000 residents that remain uninsured, so city officials have created a landmark plan to reduce that number to zero.

In a tweet, de Blasio said the plan will "ensure the first stop for people isn't the emergency room". "We recognize that obviously health care isn't just, in theory, a right; it's in practice a right".

According to de Blasio many residents are uninsured, meaning they must resort to the emergency room for treatment and the city's money is not well spent for this reason. We'll put the money in it to make it work.

While some have expressed concerns about the decision to pay for the care of undocumented residents, many couldn't move past the improbable math provided by the city in its explanation about how it will pay for the coverage.

During a news conference at a Bronx hospital that is part of the city's network of public hospitals and clinics, de Blasio said repeatedly that he would prefer a federal or state single-payer health care system.

"It's going to be really important for people who have felt excluded from the system or didn't know how to get services", she said, "or imagined that "H and H" only has emergency-department services".

De Blasio, announcing the NYC Care initiative at Lincoln Hospital, said about 600,000 New Yorkers do not have any health care coverage at all.

Now, a coalition made of of a dozen of those reform groups have called out and blasted Mayor Bill de Blasio for his efforts to implement tougher bail restrictions in a system that is already strangling cash-strapped detainees, The New York Daily News reports. It will cover all five boroughs by 2021, costing at least $100 million on an annual basis, the city said. We want to increase the amount of healthcare that people can reach.

Also, the city will use NYC Care to connect New Yorkers who are not eligible for health insurance, especially the undocumented or those who can't afford coverage, to health care.

The Legal Aid Society has also joined in the fight against De Blasio's bid to make harsher bail restrictions.

The current financial plan for city hospitals projects budget shortfalls of over $156 million in 2018, increasing to $1.8 billion in 2022, according to the city's Independent Budget Office. Finding them homes, health care, food etc. help them first. "Get used to this criticism-you're going to hear a lot of it".

In addition, the San Francisco program required employers to pay for some of it, while New York City found a way around that, de Blasio pointed out.

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