Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
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White House: IRS will issue tax returns during shutdown

White House: IRS will issue tax returns during shutdown

Millions of Americans file income tax returns by April 15 for income they earned the previous year, and if they overpaid their taxes then the government issues them a refund.

This decision could prove extremely consequential for USA households and the US economy.

The IRS paid out $12.6 billion by February 2, 2018, to more than 6 million households; $101.2 billion to nearly 32 million households by February 16; and had doled out $212 billion in refunds by the end of March 2018 to 73 million households, according to TheWSJ.

But it's unclear what legal authority the administration is asserting.

Similarly, the other OMB official said, lawyers are looking to see what powers they have to continue paying food assistance next month even as funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is set to expire.

White House Office of Management and Budget acting director Russell Vought told reporters on Monday that the administration had directed the IRS to fulfil tax returns as officials face mounting pressure to end the federal funding lapse. The IRS says it is still working on contingencies if the shutdown continues. The calls congressional offices are receiving about the wall would morph into inquiries about why families haven't received their refunds, he said.

The White House says tax refund checks will go out despite the partial government shutdown.

"For example, if you paid your or are about to pay your January 15 estimated tax payment as I did this past weekend", Miller said, "they are more than happy to accept that money".

The decision marks a reversal of a long-standing policy that refunds due to millions of American taxpayers go unpaid during shutdowns.

Some Senate Republicans have been growing increasingly anxious about the extended shutdown and could support such legislation from the Democratic-led House.

But the Trump administration is attacking the effects of the shutdown like a PR campaign, trying to change public perception of the impending crisis.

"What we're seeing now is an effort by the administration to ignore legal views, to basically put aside the law and limit the political impact of what's going on", he said.

Make them work for free.

"There is a pot of money to pay refunds, but there is not a pot of money to do the work to actually pay the refunds", Berger said.

The IRS staff recalled to process tax returns will still not be paid during the government shutdown.

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