Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Trump threatens to stop federal aid for California wildfires

Trump threatens to stop federal aid for California wildfires

President Trump says he has ordered a stoppage of federal emergency aid to California, blaming the state for not managing its forests.

It was not immediately clear, however, whether Trump's threat was bluster like other tweets he has sent falsely criticising California's fire management, or if he has actually ordered a funding cutoff to thousands of Californians trying to rebuild after the two devastating fires that hit the state late past year. "It is a disgraceful situation in lives and money!"

For the most comprehensive local coverage, subscribe today. "The people of CA ― folks in Paradise ― should not be victims to partisan bickering".

California Democrats reacted angrily Wednesday to Trump's decision.

The Camp Fire in Butte County was the deadliest and most destructive in California's history, killing 86 people and destroying 13,972 homes, according to Cal Fire.

Q: What has Trump done to promote forest management in California?

This tweet came hours after Newsom posted this message about the need to prepare for natural disasters.

The Camp Fire in California previous year was the costliest natural disaster anywhere in the world in 2018, with a total cost $16.5 billion, according to a report this week by the reinsurance company Munich RE. He made the promise to help, and I expect him to keep it.

Trump also blamed poor forest management even while the fire was raging, and cited the superior management practiced in Finland, though the country's president denied a conversation with Trump happened as the president described it.

The California governor joined those of OR and Washington in asking the White House for more federal funding and assistance with forest management. A Democratic strategist who previously worked for Newsom also weighed in, quipping to Politico that Trump should be more concerned about the "dumpster fire that is his administration".

"He's never played politics with disaster declarations and we're grateful for that", Newsom said.

It wasn't clear whether Trump has the power to carry out his threat without Congress' consent. And the federal government owns far more California land than the state government at which Trump keeps spitting contempt and threats.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, called the tweet an "empty threat" and said it "isn't worth the time of day".

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