Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
Arts&Culture | By Matthew Castillo

Spider-Man May Be Getting New Fantastic Four Content Soon

Spider-Man May Be Getting New Fantastic Four Content Soon

During a The World's Greatest Week livestream, Fantastic Four content was announced for a variety of Marvel mobile games, including Marvel Contest of Champions, Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Puzzle Quest, and Marvel Strike Force, but it was also hinted something is coming to Spider-Man as well. At the very end, one of the presenters said, "Something fantastic is coming to Marvel's Spider-Man real soon". While more specifics weren't given at the moment, it looks like Fantastic Four will soon be crossing over with Spidey in some way and, in my opinion, there are likely only a few valid options. I can't tell you anything more right now, but you'll want to keep an eye out for this. This is a suit that also has ties to the Fantastic Four.

For starters, this could finally see the arrival of the Bombastic Bag-Man costume from the issues of The Amazing Spider-Man finally appearing in Marvel's Spider-Man.

As much as I'd love to see Spider-Man swing around NY with a paper bag on his head, I'm partial to the Future Foundation suit on this one. Not only have fans enjoyed three alright DLC packages, but Insomniac has continued to add new suits and features into the game, most recently slipping Sam Raimi's original movie costume into the title. Just imagine Spider-Man being able to stretch his limbs with a special suit power or even seeing him blast off like the Human Torch?

The most recent batch of DLC for Marvel's Spider-Man was the City Never Sleeps story expansion which pitted Spider-Man against Hammerhead and the Maggia crime family.

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