Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
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Jamie Lee Curtis Slams Golden Globes Over Fiji Water Branding

Jamie Lee Curtis Slams Golden Globes Over Fiji Water Branding

She was everywhere, and you could only wish for this level of commitment from your team.

Fiji Water couldn't be happier with their brilliant marketing stunt.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Cuthbert hinted that it may not have been an accident and that she intentionally helped Fiji steal the show.

Kelleth has over 106,000 Instagram followers and is represented by Wilhemina models. The lady in question was eventually identified as model Kelleth Cuthbert, who was hired by a water brand to serve their water to guests. You're just kind of trapped sometimes.

Despite her professional accolades, Cuthbert said her appearance on Sunday was all done, courtesy of her own skills.

"I wasn't star-struck, I work a lot of events with celebrities so I'm used to being around the circus of Hollywood", she explains.

As with any red carpet, photographers were there to capture all of the lovely celebrities and their fabulous outfits - and this particular brand ambassador went viral when she started turning up in the background of tons of red carpet photos. "I thought, 'I don't need to put that much effort into myself". The things that they notice and the way that they guide their clients through the experience of the red carpet ...

"I mean I think I had some weird expressions in some of them but no, majority could have been worse, definitely", Cuthbert reflected, adding that she also feels she's doesn't look great in every snap either. And maybe she has a few more refreshing photobombing tricks up her sleeve.

She essentially stole the show at the 76th annual awards, and stood behind legit every single celebrity so ended up appearing in hundreds of high-profile images. Gas? "You would think the coverage would not be about me".

Just a couple days ago, I was walking my dog with no make-up and sweatpants on - maybe even had my pyjamas on. I mostly do fashion jobs.

"No one's really going to be looking at me", she remembers telling herself. "That's one of my regulars".

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