Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Warren Visits Iowa, Says 'I Am Not a Person of Color'

Warren Visits Iowa, Says 'I Am Not a Person of Color'

Elizabeth Warren stopped in five Iowa cities between Friday night and Sunday and was met by generally respectful audiences who were happy to listen to her pitch.

"I've said it before", the host said, "Democrats need a candidate who can beat Donald Trump. That's how we build a movement and change this country". The trip is her first to Iowa since 2014, when she campaigned for former Rep. Bruce Braley in Iowa's Senate race.

Implicit in that was criticism of Trump and, more broadly, of politics as practiced in Washington.

Senator and presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has closed her joint financing committee, lashing out against the influence of billionaires on both sides of the aisle ahead of coming elections, but is her party ready to follow? After just one day of campaigning, Warren had already lost her voice and had to address a group of supporters with a hoarse throat.

Whereas Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-.N.Y.) uses social media easily - whether one agrees with her politics or not - Warren comes off as trying too hard. But as she outlined her agenda in Iowa, Warren expanded beyond that: She proposed an anti-corruption bill that would ban lawmakers from becoming lobbyists, advocated stronger unions and touted a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to vote.

"We have a chance now, over the next year and three quarters, to get out and talk about something we haven't talked about almost enough, and that is what we're fighting for", Warren said.

Missing from Warren's overarching presentation were the micro issues that are of particular interest to Iowa. Conservatives have attacked Warren for claiming Cherokee heritage in order to gain favour for jobs that helped boost her career, something her former employers have said did not play a role in the hiring process.

Arguing that Warren doesn't have what it takes to win in 2020, Cupp suggested on Saturday that Democrats need a better candidate. She added: "It's got a lot of compromises in it". I want you to think about it.

She talked about herself as the youngest daughter of a family that struggled in Oklahoma, who dropped out of college and had children young before finding her way to a Harvard professorship. "I love all three of my brothers".

"I admit. I buy stuff on Amazon", she reportedly said.

"A spokesperson for Warren said the senator was referring to her grandchildren with whom she had spent the holidays", the Washington Examiner reported.

Her message appeared to penetrate.

Famed for her stern rhetoric about big banks and corporations, Warren simply said "Wells Fargo" at one point before the crowd of 700 in Des Moines drowned her out with boos. Even Democrats should be able to tell that Warren lied previously.

In Des Moines, when an audience member shouted "Do you like to dance?" Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., that has become a call to arms for Warren and other female politicians.

A CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll of 455 likely Iowa Democratic caucus-goers conducted between December 10 and December 13 placed Warren in a distant fourth place among those who expressed a first choice at eight percent. "The good news is, nevertheless, I persist".

"Tribes - and only tribes - determine tribal citizenship, and I respect that difference", Warren told a voter in Sioux City who asked her about her decision to use a DNA test to prove that she had partial Native American ancestry, according to CNN.

Warren deadpanned: "Did you have somebody specific in mind?" Trump has dubbed Warren "Pocahontas" to mock the claim, although many have also classified his continued use of the name as a "racial slur".

But she did repeat her call that Democrats running for president refrain from self-funding, an obvious reference to possible candidates such as former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg or environmental activist Tom Steyer.

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