Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Suspicious packages sent to numerous consulates and embassies

Suspicious packages sent to numerous consulates and embassies

In Australia, suspicious packages have been delivered to several embassies and consulates in Canberra and Melbourne.

It is not known which embassies in Canberra have been affected.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Melbourne has deployed units in response to a number of reports of "hazardous material" across the city.

Authorities did not confirm the specific locations or intended targets of any of the packages, but the Australian federal police confirmed it was investigating and would examine the packages.

"The circumstances surrounding the incidents are being investigated", the statement added.

Police did not identify any of the embassies or consulates involved.

A major operation is underway after packages were delivered to at least 10 worldwide consulates across Melbourne.

It was immediately unclear if a package was found at the Indian consulate in Melbourne too.

The agency's website listed more than 10 "hazardous material" events occurring across Melbourne, which began unfolding from about 1pm.

Australian Associated Press reported staff at the consulate general of India were evacuated from the building for about 40 minutesand ordered not to talk to media, while reporters outside the consulate general of the Republic of Korea reported seeing at least one person in a hazmat suit enter the building.

Addresses for the events included Market Street, Bourke Street, Middleton Lane, William Street, and St Kilda Road in Melbourne, Elgin Street at Carlton, and Yertchuk Avenue at Ashwood.

The journalist also said that Hazmat crews (they deal with unsafe substances) had entered the consulate building.

An AFP spokesperson said that as the matter is subject to further inquiries, they would not be providing further information. The Melbourne fire brigade and Australian Federal Police are now investigating.

Photos put up by a journalist on Twitter showed Indian consulate staff sitting on a sidewalk outside their office while emergency service vehicles stood nearby.

The developing situation comes just two days after a "suspicious" white powder was found at the Argentinian Consulate in Sydney.

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