Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

RESIDENT EVIL 2 HD REMAKE 1-Shot Demo Coming This Friday!

RESIDENT EVIL 2 HD REMAKE 1-Shot Demo Coming This Friday!

If players succumb to the zombies during their 30 minutes, they can continue any number of times until the full 30 minutes have been reached.

The end of the small demo period will also reveal a never-before-seen cinematic trailer just for those that enjoyed their time playing the game early. It'll be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can even save your game, giving you a chance to play through as many times as you need to fill out Nero's move list.

The Resident Evil 2 demo serves up a relatively early portion of the game as rookie cop Leon Kennedy arrives at the Raccoon City Police Station. The important thing is that you'll only have a half hour to do it all before you're locked out - that's why they call it the "1-Shot Demo". He must survive the zombie hordes while finding a way out of the station. While players cannot restart the playable demo after their time is up, there are no limitations on how many times the trailer can be viewed. The idea of a time-limited trial isn't exactly new (see the trial periods that Origin Access users get), but this sounds like it's trying to capture the feel of a show-floor demo.

Capcom's Devil May Cry 5 will be receiving a second demo next month for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Even if you exit and restart it, the Resident Evil 2 demo will remember how much time you've spent in game.

Back in December of a year ago, a listing for the Resident Evil 2 "One-Shot" demo was spotted on the Xbox store, and it was tagged with a release date of the 11th January - that's this Friday.

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