Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
Arts&Culture | By Matthew Castillo

LG unveils flexible television that can be rolled up

LG unveils flexible television that can be rolled up

The TV of tomorrow is here: LG just launched the world's first rollable OLED TV, which will go on sale later this year.

What is more, the OLED TV R has a functional mode that makes it act as a menu bar.

LG claims it will be suitably durable and has been tested to 50,000 rolls up and down - meaning it would last well beyond the average lifespan of a living room TV. The price for the LG product hasn't been released, but going off the company's $8,000 "wallpaper" OLED TV from 2018, this new television won't come cheap.

The OLED R can be used in two other modes as well as in its full-screen position - a Line View where the TV only peeks above its base and can be used to show the time or weather information, or the Zero View, where the screen is completely hidden but the soundbar can still be used as a music device. The W series in particular impressed us with its separate panel connected by a thin wire to the rest of the TV's electronics (built inside a Dolby Atmos-equipped soundbar), letting users simply hang a almost paper-thin screen on the wall.

The TV can place itself in three viewing configurations, depending on what the user needs.

The 88Z9 is an 88-inch 8K OLED TV, while the 75SM99 is a 75-inch 8K Nanocell LCD TV (Nanocell, previously called SUHD, is LG's high-end LCD TV line). The new TV is equipped with LG's second generation of Alpha 9 intelligent processor and deep learning algorithm for a stunning AI picture and sound quality.

With Apple HomeKit support, customers will be able to control their LG TV using the Home app or by asking Siri.

Apart from featuring Google Assistant voice assistant, the new LG TVs in 2019 will also sport Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The 2019 OLED and Nanocell LCD TVs also support the WISA speaker standard, letting users build their own wireless surround sound systems with an adapter.

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