Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
Sports | By Juana Wells

Enes Kanter to miss Knicks' London trip for fears of assassination

Enes Kanter to miss Knicks' London trip for fears of assassination

The Turkish government issued an arrest warrant for Kanter after he spoke out against Erdogan, according to Yahoo Sports.

The Turkish government has also canceled Kanter's passport, which caused him to be detained in a Romanian airport, and attempted to pressure Indonesia to use its military and secret service to hunt down the 26-year-old while he was traveling in the country for his foundation. "I want to be out there helping my team".

Two summers ago the Turkish government revoked Kanter's passport while he was overseas, forcing American diplomats (with some help from the NBA) to step in and prevent him from being sent back to his native country and arrested. Instead, he said, "I'm just going to stay here, just practice here".

Kanter himself is facing a four-year prison sentence from Erdogan's regime, which he is unlikely to ever carry out due to the tremendously low odds of extradition from the United States.

"I'm not saying that Erdogan's going to do an operation [against me] in London but it's more there are lots of insane supporters of his".

Ener Kanter will not join the team on their upcoming trip to London because of the ongoing tension between the Knicks center and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Kanter told reporters after New York's 119-112 win over the Lakers on Friday.

New York Knicks center Enes Kanter announced Friday he will not travel to London for the team's upcoming global game against the Washington Wizards on January 17 because he fears for his safety. "But because of this Crazy, this Insane, this dictator, I can't do my Job".

However, Mr Kanter said: It's not a visa issue. So it's pretty sad.

"They've got a lot of spies there", he said.

Enes and his father, Mehmet, support Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish spiritual leader that lives exiled in Pennslyvania.

Kanter said he won't travel for fear that he might be killed by agents working for the government of his native Turkey. I could get killed very easy. "It would be a very ugly situation".

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