Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
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Just IN: Gabon kills 2 leaders of aborted coup

Just IN: Gabon kills 2 leaders of aborted coup

The global community condemned the coup attempt, including former colonial ruler France which urged its 8900 citizens registered in Gabon to avoid moving around Libreville. "I reaffirm the AU's total rejection of all unconstitutional change of power", he wrote.

But government spokesman Guy-Betrand Mapangou said authorities have now regained control of the state broadcasting offices and a major thoroughfare in the capital, Libreville, the only areas taken by the plotters.

Shortly after taking over the station, a soldier identified as Kelly Obiang announced the creation of a "National Restoration Council".

It had "reinforced doubts about the president's ability to continue to carry out of the responsibilities of his office", said Lt Obiang.

Five soldiers who attempted to seize power in Gabon have been arrested and the situation is now under control, according to Gabon government officials. The Military took control of a radio station and made the statement overthrowing the government.

Mr Bongo has been ill and is receiving treatment for stroke in a hospital in Morocco.

In the message he gave to the nation on December 31, he expressed gladness that the condition of his health was improving.

Early Monday morning a number of military officers seized control of state radio and declared their dissatisfaction with the president.

The military in Gabon have launched a coup against the government of ailing president Ali Bongo.

A curfew was imposed in the city and internet access was cut off as the attempted coup unfolded.

Reports from news agencies said the coup attempt was accompanied by scattered gunfire in the capital, Libreville, and videos posted on social media showed armoured vehicles speeding through the streets, while helicopters circled overhead.

Bongo was narrowly re-elected in 2016 following a presidential poll marred by deadly violence and allegations of fraud.

In November, Bloomberg reported that President Bongo's absence was creating a power vacuum in the central African nation, which has been ruled by the Bongo family for half a century.

President Bongo succeeded his father Omar Bongo as president in 2009.

President Donald Trump has deployed soldiers to Gabon to protect U.S. citizens amid fears of violent protests in the Democratic Republic of Congo following its presidential election.

For the past 50 years, the Bongo family has dominated Gabon, where a third of the population lives below the poverty line despite the country's vast mineral wealth.

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