Published: Sun, January 06, 2019
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Volvo Polestar 2, Tesla Model 3 range, self-driving Lexus

Volvo Polestar 2, Tesla Model 3 range, self-driving Lexus

Volvo's spin-off Polestar teased an image of its Polestar 2 early January, a future fully electric four-door fastback with impressive specifications that, as you might expect, will follow its Polestar 1 hybrid sports auto. The auto will go into production shortly after the long-range hybrid Polestar 1, which will enter production later this year.

The teaser image doesn't show much, except for the handsome sweeping lines of the rear bodywork; and an awesome full-width taillight section.

Tesla has asked the Donald Trump administration to exempt the Chinese-made computer "brain" of its new Model 3 auto from 25 per cent tariffs imposed in August, saying they threaten the electric carmaker's bottom line.

The Polestar 2 will be built upon Volvo and Geely's shared CMA architecture, which underpins the Volvo 40-Series models, such as the new XC40. That would suggest either a hatchback or an edgy crossover design, Polestar calling it a "fastback". The first of them - christened the Polestar 1, was unveiled in October 2017.

Volvo has released the first teaser image of the Polestar 2 Electric vehicle. The second model in the Polestar-model range is to be the fully electric Polestar 2, that is believed to be marketed at a cost that is very near to that of Tesla's "budget" model.

In 2017, Polestar became a separate company within the Volvo group focusing on performance electric cars. You can expect to see orders open up after the Polestar 1 launches; that vehicle starts production later in 2019. The approach, it says, "will be a slightly more premium version of our sister brand's Care by Volvo package, although we will honor/take cash sales".

Set to debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show (GIMS) will be an all-new Polestar.

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