Published: Sat, January 05, 2019
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Filing Taxes during Government Shutdown

Filing Taxes during Government Shutdown

"Because if they're counting this, there's not really much we can tell them other than accept we understand it's hard and stuff like that, but we'd recommend they still file the returns and that way they would still get a refund as soon as possible", Olsen said. And while some of the lights may still be on in the building, the agency is now operating with only 12.5% of its workforce, or fewer than 10,000 federal employees. Namely, such a move could delay tax refunds, hurt the productivity of federal workers by halting their paychecks for the time being, shut down national parks and suspend federal funding for loans.

With the partial government shutdown entering its second full week, and tax season right around the corner, the halt could impact tax refunds if both chambers of Congress and President Trump can't reach a deal.

He says that the IRS can process tax returns during a shutdown, but it can't hand over tax refunds.

The IRS generally doesn't issue tax refunds during a shutdown, CNN reported.

"You still owe the money by April 15th", Knuff said.

" They have not addressed yet if the delay is deep into tax season, will they push back the filing deadline?"

"This filing season was always going to be challenging", said Pomerleau.

But businesses can't call the agency for advice on changes, said Alice Jacobsohn at the American Payroll Association.

All of this is creating headaches for taxpayers, businesses and their accountants with questions about how the new tax law might affect them.

For now, individuals who call the IRS with questions are greeted with an automated message: "Welcome to the IRS. Normal operations will resume as soon as possible".

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