Published: Fri, January 04, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Fuchsia OS To Run Android Apps

Fuchsia OS To Run Android Apps

Fuchsia OS has been under development for well over two years, but unlike Google's Android (or its Chrome OS) it is not based on the Linux kernel. What matters here is that the entire collection of Android apps available in Google Play will be compatible with any Fuchsia device.

Details of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) show that Google intends to make this new system compatible with Android Apps.

Google won't abandon support for its old apps when it moves to a new OS, a report says. Interestingly, Apple seems to have already begun working on its next-generation iOS operating system, iOS 13.

Because of that modular structure, it can be slipstreamed to run on everything from a Raspberry Pi to a mainframe and all points in between, making it sound on paper, exactly what Microsoft and Canonical have hoped to do with their operating systems in previous years. Some suspect it destined to replace Android, while others believe it will be for something entirely different.

These targets are used to build ART for Fuchsia.

Google appears keen to avoid the app unavailability problem that dogged Windows Phone. Google's plans regarding Fuchsia are a complete mystery at this point, as the company did not really talk about pre-installing this OS on any hardware or anything of the sort.

The file held within the new Fuchsia repository explains that a.far file will be created (the Fuchsia equivalent of a.apk in Android) which will allow the apps to run normally. We are hoping that Fuchsia will become official in 2019, and that users will be able to start using it, but who knows, we'll just have to wait and see what will happen. Looking at the analytics, it wouldn't be wrong to assume that Apple is picking up work on the next big iOS release.

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