Published: Thu, January 03, 2019
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Windows 10 finally overtakes Windows 7 as favorite desktop OS

Windows 10 finally overtakes Windows 7 as favorite desktop OS

Elsewhere in desktop, the most recent version of macOS (10.14) is in third place, with 4.73, followed by Windows XP which just keeps on going with 4.54, ahead of Windows 8.1 with 4.45.

Other market share estimators reckoned the glorious moment happened earlier past year - StatCounter reckoned January 2018 saw the world stumble into a Windows 10-powered future, but it took until December for NetMarketShare to agree. Online stat-tracking service Net Market Share puts Windows 10 at 39.22 percent of usage, versus 36.90 percent for Windows 7.

Windows 10 v1809 is being a "bone in the neck" release for Microsoft. It's the first month ever in which Windows 10 has been on top. It looks like Microsoft is aware of the issue as the company has already addressed the bug in Windows 10 19H1 preview builds and the fix could be ported to the October 2018 Update soon.

But new Windows 10 installs have continued growing at a strong and steady pace and reached nearly 700 million devices back in May. Before that it was Windows 7 all the way, despite the free upgrade opportunities Microsoft gave its latest operating system.

Net Applications' numbers also mean that Microsoft is closer to achieving its goal of getting Windows 10 on a billion devices.

Despite assurances, many businesses who had been bitten in the past, had refused to upgrade, holding steadfastly onto the venerable Windows 7, and there's a fair bet that the majority of remaining Windows 7 machines are in offices. Windows 7 reached 100 million users in less than six months of its launch.

Windows 7's extended support is set to end on January 14th, 2020.

Linux holds steady at exactly two percent of the market, not including Ubuntu and Chrome OS which are measured separately.

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